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Ween - Rotten Cheese

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Info hash1d470b9b9033aebdd996edc2798e025de2a942f3
DescriptionRotten Cheese: Chocolate And Cheese Tour 94-95 (6 discs) A
A 6 disc compilation from soundboard put together by Kirk Miller.
The 6th disc has a few b-sides and outtakes for filler.

1.Dr.Rock-(Melbourne 4/19/95)
2.I Can't Put My Finger On It (New York City-1/24/95)
3.Flies On My Dick-(Tempe AZ 11/16/94)
4.Take Me Away-(Glascow 3/24/95)
5.Springtheme-(Cleveland OH 10/27/95)
6.If You Love Me-(Seattle 11/8/94)
7.Common Bitch/Devil's Dick-(Columbus OH 1/28/95)
8.Freedom Of 76'-(Zurich 3/17/95)
9.Flutes Of The Chi-(Santa Monica 10/94)
10.Right To The Ways-(New York City 1/24/95)
11.Weed Whore-(Philly-6/16/95)
12.Ole Queen Cole-(Houston TX-11/20/94)
13.Purple Rain-(San Fran-11/12/94)
14.Piss Up A Rope-(Sydney-4/22/95)
15.Up On The Hill-(Groningen-3/23/95)
16.Shrimp On The Barbie-(Melbourne-4/18/95)
17.Ode To Rene-(Eidhoven-2/24/95)
18.The Blarney Stone-(Minneapolis-10/31/95)
19.Puerot Rican Power/Buenas Tardes Amigo-(Koln-3/22/95)

1.Drifter In The Dark-(Hamburg-3/20/95)
2.Spinal Menengitis-(Morrison CO-Red Rocks-5/18/95)
3.Don't Get 2 Close-(Denver CO-11/2/94)
4.Tear For Eddie-(Melbourne-4/20/95)
5.Tick-(Jackson MS-11/23/94)
7.Strap On That Jammy Pac-(Salt Lake City-11/4/94)
8.I Get A Little Taste Of You-(Denver CO-11/2/94)
9.The Stallion Pt.3-(Columbus MO-1/31/95)
10.Sorry Charlie-(Philly-6/16/95)
11.Big Jilm-(Athens-2/10/95)
12.Voodoo Lady-(Lawrence KS-5/17/95)
13.Birthday Boy-(Columbus OH-1/28/95)
14.Reggaejunkiejew-(Cleveland OH-10/27/94)
15.Squelch The Little Weasel-(Buffalo-1/22/95)
16.Nan-(Las Vegas-11/14/95)
17.What Deaner Was Talking About-(Milan-2/16/95)

1.I Saw Gener Cryin' In His Sleep-(Philly-6/16/95)
3.Don't Sweat It-(Hamburg-3/21/95)
4.El Camino-(Memphis 2/2/95)
5.Little BIrdy-(Carrboro NC-11/26/94)
6.You Fucked Up-(Athens-2/10/95)
7.Baby Bitch-(Boulder-5/20/95)
8.Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?-(Houston-11/20/94)
9.Papa Zit-(New Orleans-11/22/94)
10.Tender Situation-(Santa Monica-McCabes-10/94)
11.Poopship Destroyer-(Hamburg-3/21/95)
12.Marble Tulip Juicy Tree-(Columbus OH-1/28/95)
13.When The Goin' Gets Tough From The Getgo-(Toronto-10/26/94)
14.The Concert's Over-(Orlando-2/8/95)

1.Buckingham Green-(Berlin-3/20/95)
2.Pork Roll Egg & Cheese-(St.Louis-2/1/95)
3.Demon Sweat-(Minneapolis-10/31/94)
4.Fat Lenny-(Adelaide 4/17/95)
5.I'm Holding You-(Hollywood-11/20/94)
6.She Fucks Me-(New York City-1/29/95)
7.Captain Fantasy-(Houston-11/20/94)
8.There's A Pig-(Carrboro-11/26/94)
10.Vallejo-(Las Vegas-11/14/94)
11.Mononucleosis-(New York City-1/24/95)
12.Puffy Cloud-(Santa Monica-10/94)

1.Shalom Absolom-(Virginia Beach 11/27/94)
2.Albino Sunburned Girl-(??)
3.Now I'm Freaking Out-(Philly-6/16/95)
4.Awesome Sound-(Groningen-3/23/95)
5.Wayne's Pet Youngin'-(Carrboro-11/26/94)
6.Berlin Jam-(Berlin-3/29/95)
7.Drifter In The Dark-(Melbourne-4/20/95)
8.Taste The Waste-(Melbourne-4/20/95)
9.Baby Bitch-(Santa Monica-10/94)
10.Tear For Eddie-(Groningen-3/23/95)
11.Poopship Destroyer-(Columbia MO-1/31/95)

1.Dirty Money-(Asbury Park NJ-3/4/94)
2.Never Squeal On The Pusher-(Houston-11/20/94)
3.The Enabler-(Munich Soundcheck-3/18/95)
TypeWeen Misc.
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