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Bilboa - The Pod Outtakes (Remastered)

DownloadWeen - Bilboa - The Pod Outtakes (Remastered).torrent
Info hash1246bc99ef95d1e12f26a7bfbaaccf664bb51a68
Bilboa - The Pod Outtakes (remastered)

Original transfer (cd-r to FLAC by Chocolate Mike):
4-track > ? > cass(x) > ? > cd-r > EAC > FLAC

Remaster (Rev. Mike):
FLAC > wav > Adobe Audition 1.5 > Soundforge 6.0 > FLAC

01 Fantasy Jam
02 jam
03 Oh My Dear (I'm Falling In Love)
04 If I Close my Eyes Forever
05 The Mind
06 Demon Sweat
07 Mononucleosis
08 Don't Yank Me
09 Fuckholm Suckholm Dickholm Stickholm
10 I Used to Write Good Songs for Ween
11 Long Legged Sally was a No Necked Whore
12 Stallion Master
13 Don't Sweat It
14 It's No Good (When You Feel Bad)
15 Das Bullshit
16 Weed Whore
17 No Cheese for the Candy Man
18 Make It
19 Captain Fantasy
20 Mr. Mocha
21 Round and Round
22 Good Bad Happy Sad
23 Try to be Brown
24 Pollo Asado
25 I was Nothing

Remastering notes (9/25/05):
Chocolate Mike originally made these FLAC's from a cd-r obtained from a
trustworthy source. I applied some hiss reduction then some noise reduction
in Adobe Audiotion 1.5.  I used very little as I didn't want to remove
too much from the upper register or leave artifacts of the noise reduction. 
As it stands, I think it came out well, some hiss and tape noise remain,
and you may hear some effects from the noise reduction, but very little,
and honestly, with all the Waste and effects the boys used on these
recordings, it's difficult to tell what from what.  Soundforge was used
for some other minor editing.  Bottom line is, I think this is an
improvement over what we had.
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