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Crutial Squeegie Lip - New Version - 2nd Gen - By Request

DownloadWeen - Crucial Sqeegie Lip.torrent
Info hasha660e74b064549339de6d257a88e57fe87e22806
DescriptionThe Crucial Squeegie Lip  1987

Digitized from a second generation cassette.

Side 1
2.Talk To Me About Erica Glabb
3.Intro/Hippy Wiffle
4.Jelly II
6.Boobs (Nice Version)
7.Boobs (Telephone Version)
11.I Drink Alot
13.Red As Satan
14.Murphy Flattens His Frustrations
16.Ingrown Mayo
17.Duke Of Denim
18.Blow It Out Your Ass
19.You Fucked Up

Side 2
21.I Drink Alot (nice version)
22.Hey Bullfrog
23.Smash My Head
24.(You) Piss Me Off
26.Blue Hair
27.Sweetness (parts 1 & 2)
28.The Refrigerator That Wouldn't Close (Live from WTSR - Chris Hoecke vocals)
29.Mind fuck
32.Boobs III
35.We Seen Ween Bean
36.Everyone's A Lesbian
37.Yeah Sure
39.Jelly I

I divided the tracks up as they are listed on the original sleeve (I have a very badly fax copied copy, on shinny fax paper, the writing is wearing off, there's not enough left of the print to make a decent scan but I can just about make out the track listing.  You should burn this with zero seconds inbetween each track as some of the tracks roll into each other, I hope you like this...
TypeWeen Misc.
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Added2005-08-06 11:28:14
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01 Introview.flac5.17 MB
02 Talk To Me About Erica Glabb.flac6.65 MB
03 Intro Hippy Wiffle.flac10.25 MB
04 Jelly II.flac6.02 MB
05 Boobtalk.flac2.62 MB
06 Boobs (Nice Version).flac4.93 MB
07 Boobs (Telephone Version).flac4.95 MB
08 Go.flac7.84 MB
09 Stresstabs.flac2.94 MB
10 Drinktalk.flac2.51 MB
11 I Drink Alot.flac4.75 MB
12 Jessica.flac9.06 MB
13 Red As Satan.flac24.83 MB
14 Murphy Flattens His Frustrations.flac5.88 MB
15 Cowbell.flac5.52 MB
16 Ingrown Mayo.flac3.46 MB
17 Duke Of Denim.flac3.02 MB
18 Blow It Out Your Ass.flac3.94 MB
19 You Fucked Up.flac8.73 MB
20 Talkthing.flac9.10 MB
21 I Drink Alot (nice version).flac5.86 MB
22 Hey Bullfrog.flac4.61 MB
23 Smash My Head.flac8.97 MB
24 (You) Piss Me Off.flac2.64 MB
25 Justalking.flac7.09 MB
26 Blue Hair.flac6.06 MB
27 Sweetness (parts 1 & 2).flac6.80 MB
28 The Refrigerator That Wouldn't Close.flac10.24 MB
29 Mind fuck.flac4.29 MB
30 Livetalk.flac6.55 MB
31 Boognish.flac6.59 MB
32 Boobs III.flac4.68 MB
33 Yolk.flac6.39 MB
34 Shnagenhausen.flac7.56 MB
35 We Seen Ween Bean.flac8.24 MB
36 Everyones A Lesbian.flac3.38 MB
37 Yeah Sure.flac6.23 MB
38 Oik.flac3.98 MB
39 Jelly I.flac8.80 MB
40 Outroview.flac11.99 MB
CSL.txt1.27 kB
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