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Moistboyz 2002-09-19 at Show World (Big Top), NYC [First of the reunion shows]

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Info hash3c66c5b626ee7b01764710acacee25c8cf4fb420
Show World (Big Top)
New York, NY

This was the first of the Moistboyz reunion shows.  It was upstairs in a peep show place in Times Square.  Yes, there were jerk off booths downstairs in the place.  I took my then girlfriend (three months into dating) now wife to this show.  What was I thinking?  She hated the music, hated that it was in a jerk off booth place, and almost broke up with me afterwards.  I made it up to her by seeing Rent the next weekend, which I loved and have now seen 10-ish times.

Taper: JKeats patched off Peter Wroblewski
Source: Schoeps CMC > Sony SBM1 > Sony D1

01. (Getting Ready)
02. I Am the Reaper
03. Supersoaker MD50
04. The Tweaker
05. Great American Zero
06. Keep the Fire Alive
07. 1.0 (Fuck No)
08. Carjack
09. In the Valley of the Sun
10. Five Time Loser
11. The Spike
12. Shitheel
13. Crank
14. Adios Amigo
15. Good Morning America
TypeWeen Misc.
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