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Ween - The Crucial Squeegie Lip (digital transfer from original tape)

DownloadWeen - The Crucial Squeegie Lip.torrent
Info hashbd8ecb4f6acb77528f47502b5a777dafeb69c633
DescriptionSo someone asked me to upload my version of this tape as it is technically an upgrade from the one that is already on here from a second generation tape.  I digitally transferred this one from my original tape that had not been played more that 5-ish times over the years.  It may or may not sound better than the other, but figured I would upload for you all to decide.

The Crucial Squeegie Lip
Bird O Pray Records (BC-032)

Source: Original Cassette Tape > M-Audio Digital Box > CDWav
Transferred by JKeats

Side A
01. Introview
02. Talk To Me About Erica Glabb
03. Intro/Hippy Wiffle
04. Jelly II
05. Boobtalk
06. Boobs (Nice Version)
07. Boobs (Telephone Version)
08. Go!
09. Stresstabs
10. Drinktalk
11. I Drink Alot
12. Jessica
13. Red As Satan
14. Murphy Flattens His Frustrations
15. Cowbell
16. Ingrown Mayo
17. Duke Of Denim
18. Blow It Out Your Ass
19. You Fucked Up
20. Talkthing

Side B
21. I Drink Alot (nice version)
22. Hey Bullfrog
23. Smash My Head
24. (You) Piss Me Off
25. Justalking
26. Blue Hair
27. Sweetness (parts 1 & 2)
28. The Refrigerator That Wouldn't Close (Live from WTSR - Chris Hoecke vocals)
29. Mind fuck
30. Livetalk
31. Boognish
32. Boobs III
33. Yolk
34. Shnagenhausen
35. We Seen Ween Bean
36. Everyone's A Lesbian
37. Yeah Sure
38. Oik
39. Jelly I
40. Outroview
TypeWeen Misc.
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