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Dean Ween Group Live at The Summit on 2019-04-20

Info hash736e775578df258d37525a47d8530e1c088bf74e
DescriptionDean Ween Group
Summit Music Hall
Denver, CO

Source: Oktava MK012(cards)>Fostex FR2-LE @24/48
Taped and transferred by: Zachariah Boes


1. Intro
2. Ritz Carlton
3. Exersize Man
4. Waste Station 9
5. Doo Doo Chasers
6. Red Hot Mama
7. Take It and Break It
8. Garry
9. Mercedes Benz
10. Love Them from Skinheads Kicking Your Ass
11. Frank
12. Fingerbangin'
13. Cosmic Slop
14. The Rift


15. Sunset Over Belmar
TypeWeen Misc.
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AFF2FBAB-3531-47F0-A634-2EA4AFC43980.jpeg911.96 kB
06 Take It and Break It.flac80.79 MB
13 The Rift.flac165.82 MB
08 Mercades Benz.flac119.37 MB
12 Cosmic Slop.flac105.33 MB
01 Ritz Carton.flac70.42 MB
04 Doo Doo Chasers.flac64.84 MB
05 Red Hot Mama.flac67.76 MB
03 Waste Station 9.flac58.29 MB
07 Gary.flac78.32 MB
11 Fingerbangin'.flac84.24 MB
09 Love Theme from Skinheads Kicking Your Ass.flac30.36 MB
02 Exersize Man.flac26.41 MB
14 Sunset Over Belmar.flac46.30 MB
10 Frank.flac75.47 MB
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