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Ween2003-05-25 Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ (FLAC)

Info hash9ea842dac22047dd5908f2ec88a545f66cedffa7

05/25/03 Stone Pony Tent: Asbury Park, NJ

source: SM98 > P-Mod > SBM1 > M1 > CDR > shn
location: in front of soundboard with 8' micstand

dat>cdr transfer: DA20MKII>CDRw33
cdr>.shn transfer: eac>cooledit>cdwave>mkwact>.shn
.shn>.flac conversion using TLH 2.7.0 (.shn>.wav>.flac) by nooch on 1/8/2019

taper/seed: cps <> 052603

comments: some wind phasing; micstand kicked/bumped once or twice


1. intro
2. Baroque Jam
3. The Golden Eel
4. Baby Bitch
5. Marble Tulip Juicy Tree
6. Happy Colored Marbles
7. Take Me Away
8. The Grobe
9. Even If You Don't
10. Voodoo Lady
11. Albino Sunburned Girl
12. I Don't Want It

1. Roses Are Free
2. Push th' Little Daisies
3. The Mollusk
4. Pumpin' 4 the Man
5. Buckingham Green
6. Captain
7. The Stallion (Pt. 3)
8. Touch My Tooter
9. You Fucked Up
10. Dr. Rock
11. Flies On My Dick
12. Zoloft
13. Puerto Rican Power

1. Johnny on the Spot
2. Pandy Fackler
3. Ocean Man
4. Bananas & Blow
5. El Camino
6. Buenos Tardes Amigo
7. The HIV Song
8. Spinal Meningitis
9. outtro
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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ween2003-05-25d2t11.flac29.63 MB
ween2003-05-25d3t05.flac26.72 MB
ween2003-05-25d1t08.flac26.11 MB
ween2003-05-25d3t08.flac25.77 MB
ween2003-05-25d2t05.flac23.59 MB
ween2003-05-25d1t07.flac23.16 MB
ween2003-05-25d1t04.flac22.40 MB
ween2003-05-25d2t10.flac21.94 MB
ween2003-05-25d1t09.flac21.90 MB
ween2003-05-25d2t02.flac21.79 MB
ween2003-05-25d1t12.flac21.39 MB
ween2003-05-25d3t04.flac20.57 MB
ween2003-05-25d2t07.flac20.46 MB
ween2003-05-25d2t03.flac20.33 MB
ween2003-05-25d3t03.flac17.78 MB
ween2003-05-25d2t08.flac16.77 MB
ween2003-05-25d2t09.flac16.53 MB
ween2003-05-25d2t13.flac12.73 MB
ween2003-05-25d1t02.flac11.67 MB
ween2003-05-25d3t07.flac10.96 MB
ween2003-05-25d2t04.flac10.22 MB
ween2003-05-25d3t09.flac8.22 MB
ween2003-05-25d1t01.flac5.71 MB
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ween2003-05-25.txt1.10 kB
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