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Ween Live at Capitol Theatre on 2018-12-16 (2nd source)

Info hashd9a500abb2d129ad025001cac59fca84cef1caab
December 16, 2018
Capitol Theatre
Port Chester, NY

Source:  Oktava MK-012
Lineage:  Oktava MK-012 > Fostex FR2LE @ 24/48

Taped by  zachariah boes

01. intro
02. Polka Dot Tail
03. Chocolate Town
04. Big Jilm
05. Happy Colored Marbles
06. Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)
07. Captain Fantasy
08. Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
09. Touch My Tooter
10. Ooh Va La
11. Woman And Man
12. Demon Sweat
13. Wayne's Pet Youngin'
14. Take Me Away
15. Common Bitch
16. Did You See Me?
17. Hey There Fancypants
18. Now I'm Freaking Out
19. Don't Sweat It
20. Kim Smoltz
21. Tried And True
22. She Wanted To Leave
23. The Mollusk
24. Loop De Loop
25. Ocean Man
26. The Grobe
27. Someday
28. encore
29. Your Party
30. Birthday Boy
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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Added2018-12-17 08:01:58
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16DidYouSeeMe.flac82.23 MB
22SheWantedToLeave.flac43.68 MB
01Intro.flac12.96 MB
23TheMollusk.flac46.94 MB
03ChocolateTown.flac44.81 MB
14TakeMeAway.flac113.61 MB
02PolkaDotTail.flac60.79 MB
07CaptainFantasy.flac37.20 MB
15CommonBitch.flac33.81 MB
12demonSweat.flac73.98 MB
18NowImFreakingOut.flac40.42 MB
06SpinalMeningitis.flac51.75 MB
29YourParty.flac55.19 MB
21triedTrue.flac57.60 MB
04BigJilm.flac51.92 MB
28Encore-.flac31.51 MB
30BirthdayBoy.flac53.42 MB
08DontGetToCloseToMyFantasy.flac50.01 MB
11WomanMan.flac104.83 MB
27Someday.flac45.69 MB
09TouchMyTooter.flac38.71 MB
10OohVaLa.flac52.18 MB
19DontSweatIt.flac83.06 MB
24LoopDeLoop.flac18.68 MB
17FancyPants.flac35.34 MB
05HappyColouredMarbles.flac66.05 MB
25OceanMan.flac37.44 MB
26TheGrobe.flac50.50 MB
13WaynesPetYoungin.flac26.67 MB
20kimSmoltz.flac59.69 MB
ween-2018-12-16.txt0.87 kB
48190399_10156485375623564_3739865819786510336_n.jpg252.06 kB
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