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WAS Presents Mutilated Hits: A Tribute to Grant Rozmarin

Info hash9b1e261f51ff343b964e40cdae05d0aa5bffbaba
DescriptionGrant had a way of getting people together and making them feel special, especially of lifting their spirits and inspiring them to be their best. I am one of those people, who, had Grant not asked me to contribute, would have never started exploring my own musical gifts, discovering talents I never knew I had. Grant had the idea to start a Ween cover album, made entirely by members of the Ween Appreciation Society. He worked very hard on the seven volumes he published on behalf of the W.A.S. community. When he sadly passed away the Summer of 2018, the members of Mutilated Hits decided to make one more comp, in dedication to the great Boognish Monster, wherever he may be. We dedicate these 32 tracks to his memory, to the hard work and dedication he had to the fans of Ween and his own fans. He will never, ever be forgotten. He will always live on in our hearts, and we miss him every single day. This is for you, Boognish Monster, we love you. -Colleen

01 Roland St.Germain - FLUTES OF CHI
02 Colleen Graves - Now I'm Freaking Out
03 AmateurMixtape_Someday
04 Jason Hallyburton and Colleen - The Final Alarm
05 Lambert Nonconformal - It's Gonna Be Alright, Birthday Boy
06 Thwipp It Boys - Put Your Boobs On REMIX!
07 Timb and Colleen - Kim Smoltz (Ween cover)
08 Jr. P - Laura.wav
09 Jason Bambery - Sarah-Springtheme
10 Fork of Loss_Red as Satan
11 Theodore Tee Jay Dourbet  she fucks me
12 Chris&Nate&Phil_The_Argus
13 Naythen Wilson_Boognish
14 mohammadhussain commondick
15 MaxxMacrae - Ifyoucouldsaveyourself
16 Sleezus_things_you_already_know
17 The Don Demmers Look-Alike Competition_Puffy Cloud
18 Mike and Valerie McLean - What Deaner Was Talking About
19 Major Bummer - Bananas and Blow
20 Jason Matsui & Colleen Graves I Don't Want It
21 Timb - Sarah
22 Quean Sarah - Lullaby
23 Shut Up, Giant_Love
24 Sean Storts - Fs on my D
25 TheNinnyhammers_FinalAlarm
26 Tbirdthethird and the Chronic Nusiance Band - A Tear for Everyone (inspired by a Tear for Eddie)
27 Larry Spilberg Kim Smoltz (Mutilated) V2
28 Jim Dunn - Mononucleosis
29 TheDingles ForSoLong
30 Travis Colter - Waving My Dick In The Wind
31 Yesticles - Don't Get 2 Close 2 My Fantasy
32 Z unlisted tag ending for Grant
TypeWeen Misc.
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