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Dean Ween Group Live at The Crown Room, Crystal Bay Club on 2018-09-15

Info hashf84de0f50b7b90735e46616d4ee0c166865dfa62
DescriptionThe Dean Ween Group (AUD)
The Crown Room
Crystal Bay Club
Crystal Bay, NV

Recorded By: RasBobre

Mic Location: Rafter Mounted 12 Feet Off Stage/12 Feet High, Center
Source: AKG C2000B > Zoom Handy H6 > Audacity

FOH/Monitors: The Dean Ween Group

** 24bit, not intended for CD Burning **
* A Devildogs Production Show *

For upcoming shows at the Crystal Bay Club please visit Devildog Productions website,


01 - Frank
02 - The Ritz Carlton
03 - Finger Banging
04 - Are You Experienced?
05 - Waste Station 9
06 - Dickie Betts
07 - Exercise Man
08 - It?s Gonna Be a Long Night
09 - Garry
10 - Mercedes Benz *
11 - Sunset Over Belmar
12 - Love Theme From Skinheads Kicking Your Ass
13 - The Rift

* w/ Keith Kenny

About The Dean Ween Group;

The Dean Ween Group---A rotating cast of characters fronted by the man himself, Dean Ween (Mickey Melchiondo)

The Dean Ween Group is;

Mickey Melchiondo - Guitar / Vocals
Bill Fowler - Guitar
Simeon Cain - Drums
Dave Dreiwitz - Bass

Please support musicians that are open to having their live shows recorded and shared by attending their performances and purchasing officially released recordings and other merchandise
TypeWeen Misc.
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03-FingerBanging.flac97.04 MB
06-DickieBetts.flac199.86 MB
05-WasteStation9.flac114.51 MB
11-SunsetOverBelmar.flac70.68 MB
08-ItsGonnaBeALongNight.flac93.28 MB
12-LoveThemeFromSkinheadsKickinigYourAss.flac52.09 MB
01-Frank.flac142.97 MB
13-TheRift.flac409.88 MB
02-TheRitzCarlton.flac100.03 MB
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