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10 Other Songs By Ween

Download10 Other Songs By Ween Flac.torrent
Info hash52e5ee3d7de3b2a0a3b598b521bf31a356b5edef
DescriptionIn 2012 my cousin (aka P. Truck) sent me a CD featuring ten songs he had covered by our mutually favorite band WEEN. Many years later I wanted to return the favour with ten different songs of my choice. Here it is.

All these songs were recorded by thatís um... (which is me) in my bedroom in 2018 while drinking copious amounts of home brew. And before anyone states the obvious, two tracks are not strictly WEEN but Iíve always had a stiffy for their cover versions and really enjoyed learning them myself, so have included them here.

On these recordings all drums/percussion are synth. All guitars and bass are real, played by myself. I did all the vocals too. I also recorded and mastered the whole thing. Iím not a musician and donít aspire to be, but since 2003 Iíve written and recorded 5 album all somewhat directly inspired by WEEN which you can find if you search the regular haunts.

thatís umÖ 2018

1. Right To The Ways And The Rules Of The World
2. Booze Me Up And Get Me High
3. You Fucked Up
4. Freedom Of '76
5. Don't Know Why
6. Birthday Boy
7. Close My Eyes Forever
8. The HIV Song
9. I Can't Put My Finger On It
10. Touch My Tooter

All files: .flac with hi-res artwork included.

If you would like to support me come follow me on YouTube:

Or check my original recordings as thatís umÖ
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01 Right To The Ways And The Rules Of The World.flac37.25 MB
02 Booze Me Up And Get Me High.flac26.79 MB
03 You Fucked Up.flac10.81 MB
04 Freedom Of '76.flac17.53 MB
05 Don't Know Why.flac27.68 MB
06 Birthday Boy.flac21.32 MB
07 Close My Eyes Forever.flac35.49 MB
08 The HIV Song.flac13.93 MB
09 I Can't Put My Finger On It.flac53.21 MB
10 Touch My Tooter.flac16.67 MB
artwork/backcover.jpg2.11 MB
artwork/frontcover.jpg12.32 MB
readme.txt2.76 kB
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