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Ween - 1988 - The Live Brain Wedgie / WAD Excerpts [FLAC] - Curated tags, names, art

Download1988 - The Live Brain Wedgie - WAD Excerpts [FLAC].torrent
Info hash36c397fd1f21b67df48c3f5db0abee8a1064f8a1
The Live Brain Wedgie / WAD Excerpts
Bird O’ Pray Records 1988 Cassette / 12" vinyl
Source: original 12" vinyl (first play) > Technics SL-23 > RCA STAV-3869 Receiver > headphone out > RCA cable > Creative SB Live! soundcard mic in > Cool Edit Pro > wav > flac
Transfered by RandyB February 20, 2010

The Live Brain Wedgie:
1. You Fucked Up
2. Jelly
3. The Refrigerator That Wouldn’t Close
4. I Like You
5. I Drink A Lot
6. Nippy Wiffle
WAD Excerpts:
7. In The Node Of Golgothia
8. I Got A Weasel
9. Hippy Smell
10. Stacey
11. Gladiola Heartbreaker

Ween's 3rd release. Recorded live at Trenton State University and the other portions from the wad Excerpts were recorded in the studio. There were only 500 pressing of this rare jewel.

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01 - You Fucked Up (Live Brain Wedgie).flac8.09 MB
02 - Jelly (Live Brain Wedgie).flac5.24 MB
03 - The Refrigerator That Wouldn't Close (Live Brain Wedgie).flac3.19 MB
04 - I Like You (Live Brain Wedgie).flac6.53 MB
05 - I Drink A Lot (Live Brain Wedgie).flac6.73 MB
06 - Nippy Wiffle (Live Brain Wedgie).flac11.55 MB
07 - In The Node Of Golgotha (WAD Excerpts).flac8.64 MB
08 - I Got A Weasel (WAD Excerpts).flac6.67 MB
09 - Hippy Smell (WAD Excerpts).flac12.88 MB
10 - Stacey (WAD Excerpts).flac9.13 MB
11 - Gladiola Heartbreaker (WAD Excerpts).flac11.61 MB
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