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Dean Ween Group Live at Brighton Music Hall on 2018-03-29

Info hash9f157df0c740ecfa3335675b1f1392873559379d
DescriptionDean Ween Group
Brighton Music Hall
Boston, MA

AKG ck61 > Naiant AKG Couplers > PFA (NOS,On-Stage) > Zoom F8(24/48)

Wave > MacBook Pro > Sound Forge 2.5 (Normalize,Fade,Track,Resample,Dither 16/44.1) > xAct(Tagging) > Flac

Taped, Transferred & Seeded by Ted Gakidis

01 Frank
02 The Ritz Carlton
03 Fingerbangin'
04 Waste Station 9
05 Dickey Betts
06 Bundle of Joy
07 Leave Deaner Alone
08 banter/joke
09 It's Gonna Be A Long Night
10 Garry
11 Exercise Man
12 Iāll Take It and Break It
13 Mercedes Benz*
14 banter
15 Love Theme From "Skinheads Kicking Your Ass"
16 This Heart of Palm
17 crowd
18 Cold and Wet
19 The Rift


Dean Ween - guitar, vocals
Bill Fowler - guitar, vocals
Dave Dreiwitz - bass, vocals
Sim Cain - drums, vocals

* w/ Keith Kenny on electric guitar, vocals

Keith Kenny opened
On Stage Recoding, Vocals are low in the mix on a couple songs
TypeWeen Misc.
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