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Crescent Moon plays Instant Death2017-06-15 John & Peter's, New Hope, PA (WAV)

Download2017-06-15_Crescent Moon Plays Instant Death_J&P's.torrent
Info hashffc2b647d2b54a1e7f2b50892a17370afa2405ab
DescriptionCrescent Moon plays Instant Death
John & Peter's
New Hope, PA

Dave Dreiwitz's CRESCENT MOON plays the music of Instant Death at John & Peter's in New Hope, PA on June 15, 2017.
All Instant Death songs 2002 Instant Death (Scott Byrne & Dave Dreiwitz) All rights reserved.

Lineage: 2 Edirol R-44's Using 7 of 8 Channels > Individual mics on instruments > Mixed and Edited with Adobe Audition > WAV

The Band:
Dave Dreiwitz - Bass/ Vocals/ Keyboards/ Flute
Chris "Tomato" Harfenist - Drums/Vocals

Audio Recorded By: Peter Wroblewski
Mixed, Edited, and Transferred By: Fred Moore

00:00 Overture
02:14 Instant Death
03:52 Across The USA
05:50 Big Black Buick
08:02 Burn It
11:07 Can't Fill The Void
14:17 Can't Seem To Get It Together
15:52 Can't Stop Time
18:03 Dreamland
22:54 Eternity
27:21 Frustration
29:00 God Loves You
31:57 Hammer To The Skull
35:25 Hate
37:50 Ice Cold
40:40 intro to 2nd set
42:31 Kinky City
45:18 Lesbo Limbo
47:01 Like, Ya Know
49:43 Little Sisters Of The Poor
52:02 Lord Of Illusion
59:25 Fred
01:02:33 Paxil
01:05:46 Pharmaceuticals
01:08:28 Rags In A Rat's Nest
01:10:37 Finders/Keepers
01:13:03 Mobilization
01:15:01 Sweet Relief
01:17:20 The Enabler
01:19:55 Wild Ride
01:25:30 Rock & Roll Rock
01:28:30 The Ballad Of Fallen Love
01:33:28 1983 (A Merman I Should Turn To Be) (Jimi Hendrix cover)

Set 1:
Keyboard Jam >
Overture >
Instant Death
Across The USA
Big Black Buick
Burn It
Can't Fill The Void
Can't Seem To Get It Together
You Can't Stop Time
God Loves You
Hammer To The Skull
Ice Cold

Set 2:
Kinky City >
Lesbo Limbo
Like, Ya Know
Little Sisters Of The Poor
Lord Of Illusion
Rags In A Rat's Nest
Sweet Relief
Wild Ride >
Rock & Roll Rock

The Ballad Of Fallen Love
1983 (A Merman I Should Turn To Be) (Jimi Hendrix)
TypeWeen Misc.
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