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Dean Ween Group 2017-01-17 Live at the Sinclair Cambridge, MA

Info hash55391669039fbeb52ca48254023c40423b18f47c
DescriptionDean Ween Group Live at The Sinclair on 2017-01-17

Source Telefunken ELA M260/TK62(PAS,Balcony) > Zoom F8(24/48)
Lineage Wave > MacBook Pro > Sound Forge 2.5 (Normalize,Fade,Track,Resample,Dither 16/44.1) > xAct(Tagging) > Flac
Taped by Ted Gakidis
Transferred by Ted Gakidis

01 intro
02 Garry
03 Mercedes Benz
04 band intros
05 My Own Bare Hands
06 Doo Doo Chasers
07 Tammy
08 Dickey Betts
09 banter
10 Exercise Man
11 mike d. intro
12 The Ritz Carlton*
13 Pink Eye
14 banter
15 It's Gonna Be A Long Night^
16 Fingerbangin'
17 banter
18 You Were There
19 Pumpin' For The Man
20 Pandy Fackler*^ >
21 Drums^


* w/ Mike Dillon on Vibe
^ w/ Mike Dillon on Percussion

The Group:
Dean Ween - Guitar/Vocals
Bill Fowler - Guitar/Vocals
Claude Coleman - Drums/Vocals
Glenn McClelland - Keyboards/Vocals
Dave Dreiwitz - Bass/Vocals
TypeWeen Misc.
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dwg2017-01-17.elam260.tk62.f8.d1t08.flac73.89 MB
dwg2017-01-17.elam260.tk62.f8.d1t16.flac37.06 MB
dwg2017-01-17.elam260.tk62.f8.d1t01.flac2.83 MB
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dwg2017-01-17.elam260.tk62.f8.d1t21.flac9.96 MB
dwg2017-01-17.elam260.tk62.f8.d1t18.flac23.17 MB
dwg2017-01-17.elam260.tk62.f8.d1t12.flac34.59 MB
dwg2017-01-17.elam260.tk62.f8.d1t17.flac5.17 MB
dwg2017-01-17.elam260.tk62.f8.d1t03.flac61.69 MB
dwg2017-01-17.elam260.tk62.f8.d1t19.flac15.59 MB
dwg2017-01-17.elam260.tk62.f8.d1t14.flac3.97 MB
dwg2017-01-17.elam260.tk62.f8.d1t20.flac43.04 MB
dwg2017-01-17.elam260.tk62.f8.d1t05.flac21.91 MB
dwg2017-01-17.elam260.tk62.f8.d1t11.flac13.43 MB
dwg2017-01-17.elam260.tk62.f8.d1t06.flac31.80 MB
dwg2017-01-17.elam260.tk62.f8.d1t02.flac38.24 MB
dwg2017-01-17.elam260.tk62.f8.d1t04.flac2.61 MB
dwg2017-01-17.elam260.tk62.f8.d1t15.flac20.10 MB
dwg2017-01-17.elam260.tk62.f8.d1t07.flac32.72 MB
dwg2017-01-17.elam260.tk62.f8.d1t10.flac13.96 MB
dwg2017-01-17.elam260.tk62.f8.d1t09.flac3.76 MB
dwg2017-01-17.txt0.82 kB
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