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Ween - Rare & Live: The '90's (new compilation)

DownloadWeen - Rare and Live - The '90's.torrent
Info hashd5190224790d325e0c360ff29f0b9f4f14fe3de5
Rare and Live: The '90's
Compiled by RBayers on 11/30/10

Disc One: The DAT
01. The Wind (3/21/91 New Brunswick, NJ @ Court Tavern)
02. Seconds (12/29/90 Alkmaar, Holland @ Parkhoff)
03. Gladiola Heartbreaker (3/4/91 Minneapolis, MN @ 7th St. Entry)
04. Weed Whore (3/21/91 New Brunswick, NJ @ Court Tavern)
05. Bumblebee (3/21/91 New Brunswick, NJ @ Court Tavern)
06. I Gots A Weasel (4/18/89 Trenton, NJ @ The Rathskellar)
07. Stacey (4/18/89 Trenton, NJ @ The Rathskellar)
08. Cover It With Gas & Set It On Fire (10/29/92 NYC @ The Wetlands)
09. Common Bitch (2/2/90 Trenton, NJ @ City Gardens)
10. Old Queen Cole (12/29/90 Alkmaar, Holland @ Parkhoff)
11. Cold & Wet (12/29/90 Alkmaar, Holland @ Parkhoff)
12. Fat Lenny (12/90 Hilversium, Holland @ VPRO)
13. Tastes Good On The Bun (3/21/91 New Brunswick, NJ @ Court Tavern)
14. Housequake (2/2/90 Trenton, NJ @ City Gardens)
15. Puffy Cloud (2/2/90 Trenton, NJ @ City Gardens)
16. Demon Sweat (10/29/92 NYC @ The Wetlands)
17. Junky Boy (9/27/93 New Hope, PA @ John & Peter's)
18. Albino Sunburned Girl (7/15/91 New Brunswick, NJ @ Court Tavern)
19. Boing (5/4/92 San Fran, CA @ Kennel Club)
20. Reggaejunkiejew (12/90 Hilversium, Holland @ VPRO)
21. Shalom Absalom (5/7/93 Chicago, IL @ The Metro)
22. Sweet Texas Fire (5/7/93 Chicago, IL @ The Metro)
23. Squelch The Little Weasel (12/90 Hilversium, Holland @ VPRO)

Disc Two: The Band
01. If You Love Me (5/7/94 Morrisvile, PA @ Todd & Bart's)
02. Devil's Dick (3/4/94 Asbury Park, NJ @ T-Bird's Cafe)
03. Dirty Money (3/4/94 Asbury Park, NJ @ T-Bird's Cafe)
04. Zeppelin Jam (3/4/94 Asbury Park, NJ @ T-Bird's Cafe)
05. Children of the Grave Jam (1/21/95 Rochester, NY @ Horizontal Boogie Bar)
06. Vallejo (10/31/94 Minneapolis, MN @ First Ave)
07. I Saw Gener Cryin' In His Sleep (10/5/96 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade)
08. The Rift (4/28/99 Asbury Park, NJ @ The Saint)
09. I Get A Little Taste of You (2/5/95 St. Petersburg, FL @ Club Detroit)
10. Koko (4/20/95 Melbourne, Australia @ JJJ Studios)
11. The Flutes of The Chi (9/1/94 New Brunswick, NJ @ Demerest Dorm)
12. She Caught My Fancy (8/25/99 Winston-Salem, NC @ Ziggy's)
13. It's Gonna Be Alright (11/27/97 Zurich, Switzerland @ Palais Extra)
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WeenRareLiveThe90sd1t01 The Wind.flac29.93 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd1t02 Seconds.flac12.54 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd1t03 Gladiola Heartbreaker.flac11.98 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd1t04 Weed Whore.flac10.10 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd1t05 Bumblebee.flac12.07 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd1t06 I Gots A Weasel.flac9.96 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd1t07 Stacey.flac13.93 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd1t08 Cover It With Gas & Set It On Fire.flac9.05 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd1t09 Common Bitch.flac10.29 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd1t10 Old Queen Cole.flac7.66 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd1t11 Cold & Wet.flac7.37 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd1t12 Fat Lenny.flac10.57 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd1t13 Tastes Good On The Bun.flac22.00 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd1t14 Housequake.flac12.82 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd1t15 Puffy Cloud.flac7.69 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd1t16 Demon Sweat.flac29.79 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd1t17 Junkie Boy.flac23.10 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd1t18 Albino Sunburned Girl.flac34.00 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd1t19 Boing.flac7.96 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd1t20 Reggaejunkiejew.flac39.50 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd1t21 Shalom Absalom.flac30.84 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd1t22 Sweet Texas Fire.flac15.62 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd1t23 Squelch The Little Weasel.flac17.85 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd2t01 If You Love Me.flac11.27 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd2t02 Devils Dick.flac11.65 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd2t03 Dirty Money.flac38.55 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd2t04 Zeppelin Jam.flac40.79 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd2t05 Children of the Grave Jam.flac13.75 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd2t06 Vallejo.flac79.84 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd2t07 I Saw Gener Cryin In His Sleep.flac13.80 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd2t08 The Rift.flac71.96 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd2t09 I Get A Little Taste of You.flac19.38 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd2t10 Koko.flac22.04 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd2t11 The Flutes of The Chi.flac15.59 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd2t12 She Caught My Fancy.flac32.59 MB
WeenRareLiveThe90sd2t13 Its Gonna Be Alright.flac26.72 MB
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