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Ween - The B-Sides updated August 7th, 2008

Info hash5a5a2777a6c2a763d66ac4196d44dc40125f902e
Descriptionthe main change is that we now have a lossless version of Who Dat, and I also added 3 tracks at the end.
This has a different text file than the one I seeded at (cause they would have banned it if I had mentioned that some tracks were mp3 sourced).

"the B-sides"
last updated: August 7th, 2008

Disc One:
1. Long Legged Sally Was A No-Necked Whore - TERIYAKI ASTHMA VOL VIII 7"
2. I'm Fat (part a - gene) - I'm Fat 7"
3. I'm Fat (part b - dean) - I'm Fat 7"
4. Cover It With Gas & Set It On Fire - Skycruiser CDEP
5. Skycruiser - Skycruiser CDEP
6. Cruise Control - Skycruiser 7"
7. Smoke Some Grass (Really Really High) - Push Th' Little Daisies CDEP
8. Mango Woman - Push Th' Little Daisies CDEP
9. Ode To Rene - Push Th' Little Daisies CDEP
10. Puerto Rican Power Pt1 - Push Th' Little Daisies CDEP
11. Puerto Rican Power Pt2 - Push Th' Little Daisies CDEP
12. There's A Pig - Voodoo Lady CDEP
13. Vallejo - Voodoo Lady CDEP
14. Bakersfield - I Can't Put My Finger On It CDEP
15. Now I'm Freaking Out - I Can't Put My Finger On It CDEP
16. So Long Jerry - Piss Up A Rope CDEP
17. Sweet Texas Fire- Piss Up A Rope 7"
18. The Shot Heard 'Round The World - Schoolhouse Rock Rocks CD
19. I'll Miss You - Beautiful Girls sountrack
20. Beacon Light - X-files soundtrack
21. The Rainbow - Chef Aid: The South Park Album CD
22. Love - Orgazmo (taken from movie)
23. Booze Me Up (Get Me High) - 12GCG Outtake
24. eye 2 sky - Muppets In Space soundtrack (unreleased) *
25. White Pepper Audio Bio - Even If You Don't Radio Promo CDS *
26. Cornbread Red - Even If You Don't CDS

Disc Two:
1. Who Dat? - Stay Forever CDS
2. Loop de Loop - Spongebob Squarepants "Original Theme Highlights" CD
3. Grounded For Life Main Theme - Grounded For Life tv show *
4. The Oblongs Theme *
5. Theme to Greg The Bunny *
6. Where'd The Cheese Go 1 - mp3 from *
7. Where'd The Cheese Go 2 - mp3 from *
8. Champagne Jam - "Run Ronny Run" soundtrack (unreleased) *
9. Mountains and Buffalo - quebec outtake
10. Ooh Va La - quebec outtake *
11. Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie - Dean Ween on Black Flag covers album
Quebec Rehearsals 2003:
12. Transdermal Celebration *
13. Tried & True *
14. Alcan Road *
15. Ooh Va La *
16. Dirty Money - itunes single *
17. Vallejo (live 1994) *
18. Bag of Fat - La Cucaracha itunes bonus track *
19. Pass The Bong - unknown *
20. A Weener Invaded My Beaner - unknown *

* means mp3-sourced

TypeWeen Misc.
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Added2008-08-07 14:45:17
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WeenBSides.txt2.17 kB
DiscOne/01 Long Legged Sally Was A No Necked Whore - Ween.flac19.85 MB
DiscOne/02 Im Fat (part a) - Ween.flac11.50 MB
DiscOne/03 Im Fat (part b) - Ween.flac14.66 MB
DiscOne/04 Cover It With Gas & Set It On Fire - Ween.flac19.31 MB
DiscOne/05 Skycruiser - Ween.flac16.67 MB
DiscOne/06 Cruise Control - Ween.flac26.79 MB
DiscOne/07 Smoke Some Grass (Really Really High) - Ween.flac44.05 MB
DiscOne/08 Mango Woman - Ween.flac14.04 MB
DiscOne/09 Ode To Rene - Ween.flac13.04 MB
DiscOne/10 Puerto Rican Power Pt 1 - Ween.flac3.70 MB
DiscOne/11 Puerto Rican Power Pt 2 - Ween.flac13.20 MB
DiscOne/12 Theres A Pig - Ween.flac18.71 MB
DiscOne/13 Vallejo - Ween.flac17.43 MB
DiscOne/14 Bakersfield - Ween.flac4.70 MB
DiscOne/15 Now Im Freaking Out - Ween.flac31.32 MB
DiscOne/16 So Long Jerry - Ween.flac28.97 MB
DiscOne/17 Sweet Texas Fire - Ween.flac16.97 MB
DiscOne/18 The Shot Heard Round The World - Ween.flac21.34 MB
DiscOne/19 Ill Miss You - Ween.flac18.82 MB
DiscOne/20 Beacon Light - Ween.flac30.24 MB
DiscOne/21 The Rainbow - Ween.flac21.54 MB
DiscOne/22 Love - Ween.flac8.33 MB
DiscOne/23 Booze Me Up (Get Me High) - Ween.flac22.41 MB
DiscOne/24 Eye 2 Sky - Ween.flac14.00 MB
DiscOne/25 White Pepper Audio Bio - Ween.flac6.45 MB
DiscOne/26 Cornbread Red - Ween.flac26.90 MB
DiscTwo/01 Who Dat - Ween.flac15.23 MB
DiscTwo/02 Loop De Loop - Ween.flac5.85 MB
DiscTwo/03 Grounded For Life Main Theme - Ween.flac874.95 kB
DiscTwo/04 The Oblongs Theme - Ween.flac6.21 MB
DiscTwo/05 Theme To Greg The Bunny - Ween.flac5.24 MB
DiscTwo/06 Whered The Cheese Go 1 - Ween.flac3.13 MB
DiscTwo/07 Whered The Cheese Go 2 - Ween.flac3.20 MB
DiscTwo/08 Champagne Jam - Ween.flac24.88 MB
DiscTwo/09 Mountains & Buffalo - Ween.flac19.11 MB
DiscTwo/10 Ooh Va La - Ween.flac15.11 MB
DiscTwo/11 Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie - Ween.flac13.11 MB
DiscTwo/12 Transdermal Celebration (quebec rehearsal) - Ween.flac20.92 MB
DiscTwo/13 Tried & True (quebec rehearsal) - Ween.flac24.21 MB
DiscTwo/14 Alcan Road (quebec rehearsal) - Ween.flac28.10 MB
DiscTwo/15 Ooh Va La (quebec rehearsal) - Ween.flac16.98 MB
DiscTwo/16 Dirty Money - Ween.flac26.99 MB
DiscTwo/17 Vallejo (live 1994) - Ween.flac118.37 MB
DiscTwo/18 Bag of Fat.flac13.17 MB
DiscTwo/19 Pass The Bong.flac20.14 MB
DiscTwo/20 A Weener Invaded My Beaner.flac12.39 MB
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