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Ween-B-Sides,Demos, & Rarities Re-Seed

DownloadWeen-B-Sides, Demos, & Rarities (4-Disc Comp.).flac.torrent
Info hash61d419ca03d3e4331bdeef43096ba575b2988586
DescriptionJust a re-seed of the same files I got from here.
If ya got 'em join in.
If ya don't jump on.


B-Sides, Demos, & Rarities
4 Disc Compilation

Seeded to Weenhub by Deesher 2/3/05

::VOLUME 1::
1.I Smoke Some Grass And Get Really Really High (B-side)
2.Mango Woman (B-side)
3.Puerto Rican Power pts.1&2 (B-side)
4.Now I'm Freaking Out (C&C outtake/B-side)
5.There's A Pig (B-side)
6.Vallejo (B-side)
7.Ode To Rene' (B-side)
10.Cruise Control
11.Sweet Texas Fire (Piss Up A Rope B-side)
12.Albino Sunburned Girl (Holland 1990-From Jug Is Quaid Tape)
13.Hippy Smell
14.I'm Fat
15.I'm Fat pt.2
16.Fat Albert
17.Little Peta
18.Oblongs (Little Peta diff.mix)
19.Little Peta (drum mix)
20.Koko (demo?)
22.Silent Night
23.Mr.Mocha (Pure Guave outtake version)
24.Big Dick Black
26.Motown (with vocals)
27.Main Vein
28.S'amuse Comme Un Peut
30.Grounded For Life (13 second T.V. version)

::VOLUME 2::
31.I Got No Darkside (12 GCG outtake)
32.So Long Jerry (12 GCG outtake)
33.Booze Me Up And Get Me High (Mollusk outtake)
34.I'll Be Your Johnny On The Spot (demo version)
35.Mr Richard Smoker (90 Second TV version-never used)
36.Cornbread Red
37.Cornbread Red (dub mix)
38.Who Dat?
39.Shot Heard 'Round The World (Schoolhouse Rocks)
40.Boys Club
41.I'll Miss You (Beautiful Girls Soundtrack)
42.Eye 2 The Sky (rejected song for 'Muppets In Space')
43.Love (Orgasmo Soundtrack)
44.Fancy Pants (Crank Yankers version)
45.Greg The Bunny (written for TV show-never used)
46.Homo Rainbow (demo)
47.Homo Rainbow (Chef Aid version)
48.Loop De Loop (Spongebob Squarepants episode)
49.I Can't Put My Finger On It (Conan O'Brien)
50.Freedom Of 76' (120 Minutes Performance-1995)
51.Golden Eel (Viva Variety-1997))
52.Buckingham Green (Nothing TV-Public Access Television show-1997)
53.She Wanted To Leave (Nothing TV-Public Access Television show-1997)
54.Mutitlated Lips (Oddville-1997)
55.Exactly Where I'm At (Letterman-2000)
56.Making Love In The Gravy (Electro Harmonix Micro Synth Demo)
57.Dual (Electro Harmonix Micro Synth Demo)

58.Beacon Light (X-Files Soundtrack)
59.Stallion Pt.4 (C&C Outtake)
60.Did You See Me? (Mollusk Outtake)
61.I Still Love You (Done for Mickey and Aaron's Insurance Salesman)
62.Junky Boy (Pandy Fackler Tape)
63.No More Tears (Pandy Fackler Tape)
64.Numb To The Lung (Pandy Fackler Tape)
65.Nicole Pt.4 (Pandy Fackler Tape)
66.Purple Haze (Deaner Does Jimi Tape)
67.The Wind Cries Mary (Deaner Does Jimi Tape)
68.Bold As Love (Deaner Does Jimi Tape)
69.Little Wing (Deaner Does Jimi Tape)
70.Kansas City Star
71.Love Will Conquer All
72.Chairman Of My Destiny
73.Unknown Title (demo)
74.Baboon Pt.2
75.Time To Yourself
77.Little Miss Mandee
78.Happy Colored Marbles (Carson Daly Show-2003)

79.Square Wave Jam (Electro Harmonix Micro Synth Demo)
80.Touch My Tooter (KCRW Radioshow-Morning Becomes Eclectic)
81.Buenos Tardes Amigo (demo)
82.Flutes Of The Chi (Mollusk Outtake/Reject version)
83.Ocean Man (demo version)
84.Mickey (Pigface-Deaner & Andrew)
85.Cold-Mickey pt.2 (Pigface-Deaner & Andrew)
86.Hello Johnny (White Pepper Demo)
87.I'll Wait (Mollusk Outtake/Demo)
86.She'll Just Get You (White Pepper Demo)
89.Fool To Cry (Rolling Stones Cover)
90.Argus (Not Quebec version-completely
91.Even If You Don't (demo)
92.Where'd The Cheese Go? (Pizza Hut Commercial rejected song)
93.Where'd The Motherfucking Cheese Go At? (reworked Pizza Hut jingle)
94.Champagne Jam (Run Ronnie Run Soundtrack)
95.Transdermal Celebration (Quebec rehearsals)
96.Ooh Va La (Quebec rehearsals)
97.Tried And True (Quebec rehearsals)
98.Alcan Road (Quebec rehearsals)
99.Ooh Va La (Quebec outtake/B-side)
100.Mountains And Buffalos (Quebec outtake/B-side)

Notes: Compilation of songs that are b-sides to Ween hits,
demos of Ween tunes and rarities such as television performances,
songs from soundtracks or songs Ween did for special occasions.
They're from way back and up to recent. Super collection of classics.
I'll be adding to this compilation as often as I can.
They're in no special order. Enjoy.
TypeWeen Misc.
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