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Ween with The Shit Creek Boyz 5-17-00 Nashville, TN @ 328 Performance Hall (3DVDs)

Info hash92cd6bc8b68355b2b1fc385d74068b0b6e5663c5
DescriptionWeen w/ The Shit Creek Boys
May 17th, 2000
Nashville, TN @ 328 Performance Hall

Disc One: 54min
Ice Castles,
The Grobe,
Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down),
The Mollusk,
Wavin' My Dick In The Wind,
Take Me Away,
Up on the Hill,
Even If You Don't,
Voodoo Lady,
The Stallion Pt. 3,
She Fucks Me,
Bananas & Blow,
Roses Are Free,

Disc Two: 55min
Push Th' Lil' Daisies,
Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?,
Sketches Of Winkle,
Dr. Rock,
Freedom Of '76,
I'll Be Your Johnny On The Spot,
I Can't Put My Finger On It,
El Camino,
Shit Creek Boys Intro (Bobby Ogden & Danny Parks)
Piss Up A Rope,
Booze Me Up And Get Me High,
Mr. Richard Smoker,

Disc Three: 56min
Fluffy, Shit Creek Boys leave
Buenos Tardes Amigos
Buckingham Green,
Homo Rainbow,
Stroker Ace,
You Fucked Up,

Filmed & authored by RandyB. (Final Cut Pro / DVD Studio Pro) PCM audio
Video: Sony TRV-103 Digital Hi8mm Video Cam
Audio: ECM-MS908C Sony External Stereo Mic > Sony TRV-103 Digital Hi8mm Video Cam

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TypeWeen Video DVD
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