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Ween 1987 Erica Peterson's Flaming Crib Death (lossless)

Info hash42ef22a917e2b302a6f6fe97ba1d336e66b820f4
Erica Peterson's Flaming Crib Death
1. Go!
2. Oik
3. Nippy Wiffle
4. Fat Albert Theme
5. I Drink Alot
6. Boognish
7. The Refrigerator That Wouldn't Close
8. The Duke of Denim
9. Ingrown Mayo
10. Boobs
11. Jelly
13. Ana
14. Disco Inferno
15. Stress Tabs
16.Shnagenhausen (Dody)
17. We Seen Bean Bean

definately lossless, frequency analysis proves it.

TypeWeen Misc.
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EPFlamingCribDeatht01.flac2.93 MB
EPFlamingCribDeatht02.flac1.52 MB
EPFlamingCribDeatht03.flac2.84 MB
EPFlamingCribDeatht04.flac1.94 MB
EPFlamingCribDeatht05.flac1.73 MB
EPFlamingCribDeatht06.flac2.33 MB
EPFlamingCribDeatht07.flac1.51 MB
EPFlamingCribDeatht08.flac1.12 MB
EPFlamingCribDeatht09.flac1.27 MB
EPFlamingCribDeatht10.flac2.32 MB
EPFlamingCribDeatht11.flac2.78 MB
EPFlamingCribDeatht12.flac2.07 MB
EPFlamingCribDeatht13.flac2.56 MB
EPFlamingCribDeatht14.flac9.27 MB
EPFlamingCribDeatht15.flac1.11 MB
EPFlamingCribDeatht16.flac820.99 kB
EPFlamingCribDeatht17.flac1.31 MB
Ween1987EricaPetersonsFlamingCribDeath.ffp1.69 kB
Ween1987EricaPetersonsFlamingCribDeath.txt0.39 kB
Ween1987EricaPetersonsFlamingCribDeath1.jpg17.97 kB
Ween1987EricaPetersonsFlamingCribDeath2.jpg20.41 kB
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Prime5 (part 1 of 5)/PrimeFivet04.flac7.90 MB
Prime5 (part 1 of 5)/PrimeFivet05.flac24.27 MB
Prime5 (part 1 of 5)/PrimeFivet06.flac3.48 MB
Prime5 (part 1 of 5)/PrimeFivet07.flac929.93 kB
Prime5 (part 1 of 5)/PrimeFivet08.flac11.81 MB
Prime5 (part 1 of 5)/WeenPrime5part1of5.txt0.65 kB
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