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Butthole Surfers Unreleased Studio Demos 1988 + Live PCPEP

Downloadbsurfers1988-00-00.shnf bt.torrent
Info hasha7b2f79e4013207b718ffadc28e897fbf02ca54a
Description I got this from Zomb (Thanks Gary!) and know some of you will really dig this. It's got an awesome sound!

This is the "Caso Raro" vinyl or "American Tornados" CD title.  Studio tracks are the supposed unreleased album and a couple of the live songs are tracks that didn't make it on the "PCPEP"

Butthole Surfers

Demos circa 1988 and live 1986

Silver CD->EAC->SHN V.3 via MKWACT

01. 100 Million People Dead
02. 2 Parter
03. Tornados
04. American Woman
05. Perry Mason
06. Hetero Skeleton
07. Gibby's Organ (Strangers Die Every Day)
08. The Things That They Said That I saw
09. Psycho Jam
*********Live Somewhere 1986**********
10. Gary Floyd
11. Matchstick
12. Knife In The Back
13. Whirling Hall Of Knives
14. The Bass Player Says Goodbye
TypeWeen Misc.
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