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2003-07-25 Pittsburg, PA @ Club Laga DVD (NTSC)

Download2003-07-25_Ween_Pittsburg_PA_Club Laga_DVD_(2) (NTSC)(AAAAa).torrent
Info hash21d862f783690cad4b8b19f54f58e2cf13f00b20
Came across this one on the hub, and after checking it out, I can't think of any reason why you WOULDN'T want this DVD. The review says it all. Enjoy!
=-Mr. Jeffers-=
                                    From The Original Torrent Info File:
July 25th 2003
Official Tour opener summer 2003
Club Laga
Oakland District, Pittsburgh, PA

Shot from center balcony and with mics over center balcony.

Video: Sony VSX-2000
Audio: DPA 4011's > Lunatec v2
      Sonic AD2K+>Alienware Area 51

Audio by Brain Dowling
Filmer: Carl Sylvester

Edited with Vegas Video 4.0d
Authored with DVDit SE! by Brain Dowling

Bittorrent Seeded and hosted by Tim Bartell
(Many thanks to bossman for the bandwidth)

Tour Diary-july/august
Pittsburgh: arrived the night before, back in old pittsburgh. aaron swears that i promised we'd never play pittsburgh again but i recall saying we'd never play club metropol again. either way, this club was better for sure, nice folks and a sold out show. experienced the backlash from our all request concert a few nights before, people were calling out for "where'd the cheese go" most of the night. i thought we played a little sloppy, but it was actually a pretty eventful show for opening night. topless girls all over the stage during lmlyp to close the show, a few fights, and some dude literally broke thru a wall to get into our dressing room before getting tossed from the club and pummeled by bouncers. ironically enough, me and glenn and this same guy (the wallbreaker) went down the street for hot dogs and french fries like 15 minutes after this incident. ween is all about pleasing the kids, everyone knows that.

Buckingham Green
The Stallion Pt. 3
Happy Colored Marbles
The Grobe
Take Me Away
Transdermal Celebration
Voodoo Lady
I Don't Want It
Roses R Free
The Mollusk
What Deaner Was Talking About

Ocean Man
Waving My Dick In The Wind
You Fucked Up
Pandy Fackler
I Can't Put My Finger On It
Piss Up A Rope
Booze Me Up & Get Me High  (stage dancing)
Spinal Meningitis
:encore cheers and titty flashes:
Mr. Would You Please Help My Pony?
LMLYP (nice stage dancing)

++Reviewed by aa:++
"This set has nice menus, Play Show, Setlist, Info. Background music too.
Chapters are between songs.
Camera appears to be tripod mounted from up in the balconey.
(if it's handheld it's damned steady)
It looks like the camera is almost on top of the boys.
Images are bright and clear and very well done.
The camerawork is some of the best I've seen for an audience recording.
The sound is full 1536 Kbps, and sounds very good.
And, for kewl, Brian Dowling recorded the show straight to and Area 51 Laptop.
The crowd is singing along and sounds like they are on good drugs.
The band is tight and playing it legit. (killer Springtheme)
Excellent setlist, nice show.
Helluva show. And during LMLYP more skanks then you could want.
Excellent show, great sound and great video, Pro production.
You should get this.

AAAAa (4 1/2 A's out of 5)"

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